Revit 2017 Plumbing – 05


I finally was able to create Video 5 of my Series of Plumbing design with Revit. Since I had lost my previews tutorial drawings for Video 04. I improvised by using another set of floor plans to continue with the tutorial. Also, as part of the tutorial I’m showing how to create a basic Revit family to connect two different systems such as sanitary and venting.

I hope you find it beneficial.




Revit 2017 – Plumbing – Vlog 03


After a couple of months I finally had an opportunity to create a new video on Revit for plumbing design. I did a brief review of the previous 2 videos and showed how to get more comfortable with Revit specially for AutoCAD Users. One of the features that make it easier is short cuts. I will make the files available for you to dissect. Hope you enjoy it.

Vlog 03 – Revit Plumbing design.

Revit Sovet Fittings


Hello, I have not really posted much in a while. This is a quick upload on one Item I’ve been working on for a Client. With the AEC industry rapidly moving towards the use of Autodesk Revit (in all its flavors) I had model Sovent Fittings for Revit MEP in particular.

If interested here is a link to the files:!12476&authkey=!AKmBo_-MOzYaarU&ithint=file%2c7z


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