Windows 10 – File Explorer Crashing


Hello All,

I have come across and issue with my work computer that had be stumped for a couple of weeks and could not find a solutions. Every so often I would open my Windows 10 File Explorer and it would crash or reset, close and the reopen again. When I would try to go to a folder it would do the same thing over and over again. So, I figure restarting the computer should help but nothing. Checked for Updated and installed them, nothing. It was just driving me crazy. Several web searches for the problem, found some possible solutions and none of them really worked. Then I realized that it had to do with some defaults that Windows File Explorer had. So I’m sharing the issue and solution here in case you come across it.

My solution ended up been simpler than I expected. Under Folder Options–>General Tab there are several options that are set as default to active as shown below:

Windows 10 - File Explorer Crash

Something about the Quick access feature that Windows 10 has it was making it Crash and restart File Explorer.

The 2 areas pointed above need to be modified. The “Open File Exploere to:” section has to change to “This PC” and you have to uncheck both options under Privacy as shown below:

Windows 10 - File Explorer Crash fixedThis fixed my problem. Give it a try if you have come across this issue.