Automating Typical Tasks with AutoHotKey


I’ts been a little while since my last Post, but wanted to start sharing some useful tools that I’ve been using to simplify some of my daily tasks. The tool that I use is AutoHotKey. You might of not heard of it, but it is a very well known tools that its been around since 2003 believe it or not. I came across it by coincidence my self. I’ve use several tools some what similar but were to cumbersome that after a few tries I would just give up.

With AutoHotKey at first was some what intimidated. Why you say, well Coding is not my strongest suite. But AutoHotkey is actually a very simple coding language to work with. Also since it is Open Source you are able to study the code of thousands of people that, in one way or an other, have develop automating tools that have make their daily tasks easier.

OK, enough talking, lets dive in to see what it can do.

Here is the Link: AutoHotKey

Here you can download it: Download

Now, for the good stuff. What can you exactly do with it?

One of the thing that I’ve come to need is a way to type in Spanish an upside down question mark: ¿. For many Years I had now memorized the proper key combination, Alt+0191, to get the proper character to come up for my question mark. This is not counting that since my computer uses a US-Keyboard Layout the Characters are not there.

Here comes AutoHotKey to my Rescue. I pondered, what can I do to automate the character. Here is the Code to what I came up.


You might say, What!! Thats It? Yes that is it. Since I have an US-Keyboard I figured that by Pressing the ? (question mark 2 times) then I would have AutoHotKey detect the double ?, backspace 2 times then insert the ¿ character that I wanted. Simple enough it did it. Then I created some other similar ones for ñ an other common Spanish character. with the following:


I’ll leave you with that. Next time I’ll explain how it all works.


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