Plumbing Design | 3D (Sovent)


Here is a sample of a plumbing design I’m working on. This is a special system call Sovent that greatly helps in simplifying the installation and on the engineering side. I designed it in 3D with proper fall on the piping without the need of third party applications like the ones I show in my portfolio. This was done with straight AutoCAD.


2 thoughts on “Plumbing Design | 3D (Sovent)

  1. Tony

    your sketch does not show the special junction fittings required for the sovent system to work properly??? are you able to source these fittings??


  2. Hello Tony:
    I did something quick and dirty just as a representation for the fitting. Though I’m working on a dynamic Sovent fitting that would allow for all the connections to be shown or partially shown as per the Engineering requirements. As per the coupling I did not think of it since this, in the case of my clients, is mostly for representation purposes so they can see how it all goes together. I have not thought of releasing the fittings yet, but I’m thinking on drawing them all and putting them in a block library. When I do I’ll shoot you an email.

    Thank you for the comment.


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