Autodesk AutoCAD


AutoCAD has been around for many years now and with age a product becomes more robust. This product has definitely done that.  The interesting part about this is that even though many companies use it as its main Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) tool very few of them really use it’s  full capabilities. Just to give you a few examples; lets talk about the “Sheet set Manager”. This is a very powerful tool that for many veteran AutoCAD users it’s the best way to manage Sheets, keep titles, drawing names, and a variety of other information which is typically part of a Title block. Even with these excellent tools, many companies that I’ve worked with, don’t use it’s full potential.

Everything comes down to the simple fact that people especially in the CAD community find learning new features in the CAD application to be too much work.  Some are just not interested in changing their manual way of doing things, or they feel the old way they learned is the best way and have the mentality  “if is not broken, don’t try to fix it”.

Start by implementing some new features of this CAD application and see how it helps make your work more productive.


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