New interesting Application


I have come across some amazing applications that I think everybody would like to use. First, let me post a question. How many times have you had to use someone elses computer to do something like check  your email, write a document, log into your IM and find that usually no one has the applications You use.  Well, here is the answer. Keep in mind that with using memory sticks, thumbdrives and other miniature and portable storage devices available, comes  the portable applications. Basically these are applications that do not need to be installed in order for them run. In turn you can have all the applications in a thumbdrive and take it with you where ever you go, just take the Memory stick.  This makes portability a wonderfull thing.

Here is the Website

AbiWord The lightweight AbiWord word processor
FileZilla The excellent FTP client
Firefox The popular Firefox web browser
Gaim The multi-protocol instant messenger
NVU Edit web pages with NVU The full-featured office suite
Sunbird The handy Sunbird calendar
Thunderbird The popular Thunderbird email client


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