Revit 2017 Plumbing – 05


I finally was able to create Video 5 of my Series of Plumbing design with Revit. Since I had lost my previews tutorial drawings for Video 04. I improvised by using another set of floor plans to continue with the tutorial. Also, as part of the tutorial I’m showing how to create a basic Revit family to connect two different systems such as sanitary and venting.

I hope you find it beneficial.




Revit 2017 ā€“ Plumbing ā€“ Vlog 01 ā€“ Reloaded


I decided to remake the first video I made for Plumbing Design with Revit. Many viewers mentioned that the Sound quality was very bad so I re-recorded the video with my new Microphone. Also I had not done any new videos in a while because my laptops Hard Drives died on me. So I had to get new ones an replace them. I do have them up an running now. Also, I just moved residences. In any case, I managed to redo my first video and Iā€™m posting it now.

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Windows 10 – File Explorer Crashing


Hello All,

I have come across and issue with my work computer that had be stumped for a couple of weeks and could not find a solutions. Every so often I would open my Windows 10 File Explorer and it would crash or reset, close and the reopen again. When I would try to go to a folder it would do the same thing over and over again. So, I figure restarting the computer should help but nothing. Checked for Updated and installed them, nothing. It was just driving me crazy. Several web searches for the problem, found some possible solutions and none of them really worked. Then I realized that it had to do with some defaults that Windows File Explorer had. So I’m sharing the issue and solution here in case you come across it.

My solution ended up been simpler than I expected. Under Folder Options–>General Tab there are several options that are set as default to active as shown below:

Windows 10 - File Explorer Crash

Something about the Quick access feature that Windows 10 has it was making it Crash and restart File Explorer.

The 2 areas pointed above need to be modified. The “Open File Exploere to:” section has to change to “This PC” and you have to uncheck both options under Privacy as shown below:

Windows 10 - File Explorer Crash fixedThis fixed my problem. Give it a try if you have come across this issue.

Revit 2017 – Plumbing – Vlog 03


After a couple of months I finally had an opportunity to create a new video on Revit for plumbing design. I did a brief review of the previous 2 videos and showed how to get more comfortable with Revit specially for AutoCAD Users. One of the features that make it easier is short cuts. I will make the files available for you to dissect. Hope you enjoy it.

Vlog 03 – Revit Plumbing design.

First Video Blog – Vlog – Revit – Plumbing


With the increase in the AEC industry using of Autodesk Revit in the last few years, I have been learning it for Coordination design and in particularly for plumbing design. You might ask why an other video on Revit, aren’t there enough on YouTube? While that is true, most of the videos that I’ve come across are mostly targeted to the use of the software for architectural, structural, electrical and HVAC modeling. Very few are specific to my field, as the title of this post states “Plumbing”. There are some available but not to many go in to every aspect of using Revit for Plumbing Design specifically. Many of the well known training sites have very good Video tutorials for Revit. But, when it comes to Plumbing and Revit they usually have one or two out of a 40 to 60 video series on Revit. My intent is to created video tutorials specific to Plumbing. When I say plumbing I’m not only referring to just modeling a piece of pipe, anybody can do that, but trying to apply some of the engineering that it involves. Utilizing the most common Plumbing Codes like the IPC (International Plumbing Code) or the UPC (Unified Plumbing Code). I will get as detail as necessary on any giving subject but not so much that is boring. That is the one thing I hate (no disrespect to any Training Site) about most instructors. They start talking on something and they go on and on. I’ll try to make each video concise and direct. I won’t try to cover everything under the sun. My goal is to make 10 to 15 min. videos that show exactly how I come across doing something. If you like let me know. If there is something you’ll like me to show write tome and I’ll put together a video on the subject.

I hope all of you enjoy it and learn something new.

Below is my first video posted on YouTube.